Client Reviews
Goal: Get Stronger and Better Conditioned
By far my favorite gym, ever! I’ve tried all sorts of different gyms and they were good, but I LOVE Tone Zone! The trainers are so personable and truly care about your goals and will do everything they can to get you there! Its also such a comfortable environment, no intimidation what so ever, just women who are there to get in shape with you! It’s always the best part of my day!
Goal: A Whole New You!
I was overweight and my joints hurt, so I knew it was time to change. Then I began running, but knew I needed strength & conditioning training. I couldn’t get the motivation do any of the DVD’s sitting on my shelf or to aimlessly lift weights by myself at the gym. So I tried an introductory session with Tone Zone, it was just what I needed. I enjoy the workouts and time flies. I always feel comfortable and have made many new friends. Six month after joining I can’t believe how strong I feel. Not only do I feel better, I look better, and I have more energy. I am hooked! THANK YOU TONE ZONE!
Goal: Look More Fit And Feel Great In Your Skin!
I LOVE LOVE Tone Zone. It’s great place to ignite or re-ignite your passion for fitness. I don’t want to be super skinny-I want to be super healthy. I’ve made wonderful friends and would recommend this gym to every one! We work out, we share, we listen. We celebrate the journey of living healthy lives. Come and sweat with us!
Goal: Get Ready For A Special Event
Debbie & Judy really care about each of their clients and want them to get healthier and happier. Instead of guessing where you should be, they help you set goals that are realistic, achievable, and attainable. I love watching the different women come in over the years and see the progress we have all made – it’s a testament to how effective their training is and how your life can change by incorporating Tone Zone into your life schedule.
This could be you!!!